Why LTB Design + Build?

We want to build the home that exemplifies the life you want to live. That only happens when you’re part of the design process. And the only way that design becomes reality at the build site is when the design and build teams know and understand each other. 

LTB Design + Build is a four-time winner of the HBA Greater Austin Custom Builder of the Year Award, and the owners have a combined 50 years of experience. Excellence and experience are the cornerstones of what we do.


Few things tell you more about a person than the way they live. From style and artistic touches to the flow and efficiency of a space, our homes are a mirror of our personalities.

We want your home to be exactly what you desire, and that’s why we get to know our clients on a deeper level. The design team is ready to use their extensive experience and knowledge to help create a space that reflects you.

Design Style

Our design team has designed homes for almost two decades. Collaborated with clients with clear and complete build visions to a single inspiration picture.

From ultra modern to luxury traditional, they will meet any client wherever they are in their custom home design journey.

Space Efficiency

The magic of a custom build allows for limitless imagination. Our goal is to use every square foot of your home in a way that is functional, intentional architectural design elements, or both.

Home Reflecting the Owner

The home should reflect those who live within its walls. We offer the design expertise that incorporates the client’s design preferences along with a cohesiveness that illuminates custom design.

Our Designers have a vision that ensures all textures and colors work together resulting in a stunning home.


Our build team operates on three core principles strict quality control, a positive building experience, and great pricing. These principles are based in integrity, and our integrity is why our customers trust us.

Owner Brent Allison is one of only a handful of Graduate Master Builders in Texas. What that means to you is that Brent is nationality certified in his knowledge and expertise of the home building process. your home will be built correctly with quality materials.

Strict Quality Control

While we have long standing relationships with our valued trade partners; we are also committed to quality control through our trusted Project Managers. They are consistently onsite and communicate weekly with detailed agendas that capture any quality control issues.

Positive Building Experience

Our standards of excellence start with hearing what type of build our client has dreamed of building, listening to who will be living and enjoying the space and getting to know their family and pets. We want to fully take in the vision and then execute that vision for each space through plan meetings incorporating architecture and design elements.

Great Pricing

The current inflationary market makes having competitive pricing even more crucial than ever before. LTB Builders fully understands this and is why having a long-standing relatiionship with our value trade partners has made it possible to get the best prices with the best work.

Land Acquisition

Most of the homes we build are in the Lake Travis area. We live here, we know the community, and we want to make our community the best it can possibly be. This is why, in addition to designing and building houses, we also sell the best lots in the finest neighborhoods upon which you can build your home.

Owners Brent and Michael are both real estate agents with years of experience in purchasing and selling properties.